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Lismore free online dating - I am here to please you

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Coffs Harbour dating - Passionate and sexual girl My name is London BERNHARDT I’m looking for someone who will understand me, appreciate me, someone who will not mistake my kindness for a weakness and take advantage of me. I'm a very loving person and I have a lot to offer someone. I believe that personality is very important, because without that you have nothing. I want to be a part of his life just like I would want h I'm to be a part of mine and hope to find h I'm soon. ps i dont want to buy vip-status here, because i have vip-profile on one of most popular social site so please contact me there. Northern Territory dating Best Free Dating Sites singles in Queensland free online dating Bundaberg online dating Orange dating First date let me see.... Why try to plan things;they never work out the way we plan anyway. Let'd just go with the flow and see where things go. If I feel a strong vibe and the mood is right who knows where things will end up(hopeuflly hot and sweaty sex). The p**** is addictive and the head game is amazing and the best you will ever have in your life. I like for whoever I'm with to devote a great bit of their time to me. I am a very affectionate person. I like to cuddle and do all good things of that sort. I enjoy going out but I also like to stay in sometimes and be close to the one I adore the most but the only problem with that is, is that he hasn't found me yet. I am looking for someone nice to get to know....I am tired of being hurt and want someone knows what they want it life. I am very easy to plpease i love shopping, traveling, watching movies or just talking..I am looking to settle down with the right guy. I hate doing this. people are so fake so lets get to the point. I don't need drama have enough of my own. I just want sex from time to time. If that is too much to ask for then dont bother writing me because I hate whining. i am just preparing you... if there is anything sexual you have never done to a girl or want to do again we will do it. even if i am unfamiliar with whatever it is, i am most likely game. i only dislike one thing: water sports (not like canoeing. if you know what i mean.) so cum ready! my hobbies are music,eating,exercising,dancing,reading,tattoos,gamer and outdoorsy girl! my goals are to just hook up with a lot of guys! im different from most girls, im here for FUn!!! no strings attatched!

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