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Alraight PLEASE help me get rid of japanese hair

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straightening once n for all=)!!!??
so does any1 here know of any way that i can make this hair chemical processing that ive done leave my hair completely in a day or in jus a few days,(and i mean literally strip this process i have in my hair comletely off so i can just have my old natrual hair back),this process ive done 2 my hair is called japanese hair straightening and ive had it done about 8 mnths ago and my roots have only grown 2 inches since then,and i hate the results so if theres ANY kind of hair product or way that can help me get rid of this process in my hair w/in the time ive given above(a day or a few days) id REALLy appriciate it!! thx!also the products u recommend please let them not be 2 over damaging to my hair

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