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Advice and opportunities in the Esthetics Industry

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Good Afternoon,

I am currently seeking a position in a Med spa or Wellness & Weight management clinic to gain experience, preferably a place where I can build my career as well as grow with and be a part of the experience shared with others. I know your office must be busy, but due to the high compliments to your facility on message boards and reviews that I found during my research I was inclined to contact you. After viewing your webpage I am confident that your Wellness center’s values and objectives would highly complement my own strengths and enthusiasm.

I currently hold a bachelor's degree in International Business Management; however I am planning to extend my career into the medical field. I hope to start an LPN course this summer and after take a certificate program in esthetics. I'm still researching the field to make the right decision about the education path.

I would gladly appreciate information regarding any opportunities you may have available in your facility where you may utilize my current knowledge and experiences and allow me the chance to learn from yours. If this is not possible I would also appreciate your expert advice on pursuing this career.

Please feel free to contact me at email at farah_rahaman@hotmail.com.

Thank you for your time,

Fi Smile

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